Jan Scholten

655.00.00 Malvidae
Names: Malvidae, Malvids; Eurosids 2.
DD: Carbon series; Silicon series; Iron series, Silver series; Lamiidae.

In the Apg3 classification the Malvidae consist of the big Orders Brassicales, Malvales and Sapindales and the small Orders Crossomateles, Huerteales and Picramniales. Santalales have been difficult to place till now and have been associated also with Asteranae.
In the Plant theory the Order of the Santalales has been added to the Malvidae. This is a tentative action as it affects the monophyly of the Malvidae according to the present taxonomical knowledge. Santalales though have qualities of Silver series, fitting them better with Malvidae than Asteranae.
Cistales and Thymelaeaceae are split off from Malvales, which do not affect the monophyly of each of these clades. Cistales is placed in its own Order. Thymelaeaceae are placed in Huerteales. This is in deviation of the Apg3 classification, making Huerteales polyphyletic according to current knowledge.
Crossosomatales is placed in Phase 1 as it is the first diverging lineage of the core Malvidae.

1. Crossosomatales, including Picramniales: they feel that they have to get a place in the system.
2. Huerteales: they have a place but have to fight for it, or get overwhelmed in it.
3. Malvales: they have a place but it is uncertain, they get confused what to do, follow their own impulse or that of others.
4. Sapindales: they feel central in the system, which gives them safety but also responsibility for it.
5. Cistales: they have their place, do a lot but then feel it is too much, that they get used.
6. Brassicales: they feel part of the system but think about leaving as it does not give them enough love and respect.
7. Santalales: they feel that they can lose their place in the system, or that it can collapse as a whole.

The main theme of the Malvidae is that of the Silver series. They want to be special, unique and wonderful, so that they will get to a higher position in society. They try to become special in art, science, sport, politics, religion or management, or whatever makes them special and acknowledged.
Culture is an important issue. They can be contributing to the culture in the form of art and science, philosophy and politics, religion and sport. That makes them distinguished. The Malvidae have this theme the strongest of all Malvanae. It culminates here.
They want to be part of the group, the family, the village. But they also want to be special. They feel themselves unique and not the same as everyone else. They also want to be treated as special, not just one in a row. As children this often brings them into conflict with the family. Their parents and siblings see them as normal. When they want to be treated as special, their siblings and parents get the impression that they are arrogant. They want to protect them against the people in the village. The family often thinks that if they are treated as special by them, they will become haughty and will get into conflict with the people in the village.

Art science.
They have a desire for creativity. As children they often have a big fantasy, telling and even writing stories or doing many paintings. If they feel misunderstood by their parents they can withdraw into their own world. It is like a fairy tale world where they are special and treated with dignity. They can make all kinds of plans to go to a big city later in life, to go to art school or university, but if this desire is blocked by their parents or by financial restraints they can become very bitter and sad.

They understand that normal work also has to be done. But life should not be limited to normal work for them. Creativity is essential for a fulfilling life. If life is limited to normal work, household and daily duties life becomes an empty shell for them. For instance women with all kinds of brilliant projects who had to limit themselves to household duties after getting pregnant. Or men who due to poverty could not go to university to develop themselves further. Life becomes dull, routine, empty, without purpose and lacking joy and vitality.

The family is very important for them. They hope for support in their creative pursuits from the family. They see the family as a background from which they can develop their creativity. And they have the idea that their creativity can help the family to get a better life, have a better job and income and see more solutions for their problems. Creativity and family life should enhance each other, instead of being in conflict with each other.

Self worth
Their self-worth is very much linked to the feeling of being special. They cannot imagine that a person living just an ordinary life can have much self-worth. Even when they are in an ordinary position and have a low job they still feel special and unique. It is like the story of Cinderella, who is treated as a skivvy but essentially has the value of a princess. They want to be treated with respect and have a big problem with being humiliated, belittled, degraded, taunted. They have a kind of pride in them which can be exaggerated and lead to arrogance, haughtiness.

Feeling of shame and guilt for what they have done wrong or have not done.
Anger, rage, fury, held in or expressed, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, degraded.
Sad, depression, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Apathy, indifference from having the feeling that one’s goals cannot be reached.
Cultural inequalities, by caste, religion or gender.
Inequalities between man and women, due to religion, culture.
Profession: artist, actor, painter, writer, musician, scientist, philosopher, politician, governor, priest, bishop.
They do not understand people who do not like art, science and culture.
They do not know if they can become famous.

Differential diagnosis.
Fabidae: The difference with the Fabidae is that there is no feeling of being special, there is no theme of the Silver series. The Malvidae have a strong issue with Silver series. So the theme of creativity, art, science, ideas combine with being special, pride are essential for the Malvidae.
Lamiidae: the Lamiidae also want to be famous and renowned but they can reflect more on it, are less completely drawn into it, see more the relativity of it than the Malvidae.