Jan Scholten

DD: Phase 4; Hydrogen series; Carbon series.

Magnoliales is one of the Orders of the Magnoliidae.
In the Plant theory it is Phase 4 of the Magnoliidae.
The families Himantandraceae, Eupomatiaceae and Degeneriaceae each have only one genus. The Annonacea have 130 genera. From the point of view of the Plant theory it would be better to split the Annonaceae in several families. There is too little information about its members in homeopathy to be able to the splitting.

2. ? Himantandraceae: Galbulimima.
3. Annonaceae: 130 genera.
4. Magnoliaceae: Kmeria, Magnolia, Manglietia, Pachylarnax.
Michelieae: Elmerrillia, Michelia.
Liriodendroidae: Liriodendron.
5. ? Eupomatiaceae: Eupomatia.
6. Myristicaceae: Bicuiba, Brochoneura, Cephalosphaera, Coelocaryon, Compsoneura, Endocomia, Gymnacranthera, Haematodendron, Horsfieldia, Iryanthera, Knema, Mauloutchia, Myristica, Osteophloeum, Otoba, Pycnanthus, Scyphocephalium, Staudtia, Virola.
7. Degeneriaceae: Degeneria.

They have the child quality of the Magnoliidae, the Carbon series. It goes together with the Phase 4 quality of Carbon, which gives them the duality of stability and instability.
They have a feeling that they belong somewhere in this world, in a family. But the place they belong to is dangerous or falling apart and so they feel unsafe.
They have parents who can be absent because they have to work too much, or who have died early. They can be raised by grandparents or aunts.

Stomach: indigestion.