Jan Scholten

Names: Lilium Class; Monocots; Monocotyls; Monocotyledones; Monocotyledoneae; Lilianae; Liliopsida; Liliidae in the Dahlgren system and the Thorne system.
Names: from mono cotyledon, = one cotyledon; the primary or rudimentary leaf of the embryo of seed plants.
Botany: herbs; roots adventitious; stem vascular bundles scattered, sieve tube plastids cuneate; leaves parallel veined, petiole absent, stipules absent; cotyledon 1; seed have one; flowers 3 merous; sepals 3; petals 3; stamens 3 or 6; carpels 3; pollen monocolpate.

Lilianae or Monocots Class has been recognised as a clade for centuries. The Apg3 classification treats the Lilianae in the same way, showing the concordance of DNA and morphology very well.
In plant theory, Lilianae are treated mostly according to the Apg3 classification.
The differences are that Orchidaceae is split off from Asparagales, and Araceaea are split off from Alismatales. This does not affect the monophyly of both groups, as the Orchidaceae is a first divergence of Asparagales, and Araceaea are a first split off from Alismatales according to the Apg3.

1. Hydrogen series: Acoridae
2. Carbon series: Aridae
2. Silicon series: Liliidae