Jan Scholten


They have an expanding quality, enthusiastic and ambitious. They want to be someone and often feel that their parents expect something big from them. Or they feel very much appreciated, like the first child in the family that becomes the centre of attention for all family members and gets many presents from parents and grandparents.
The nice quality is of being appreciated and admired so much. The flipside is the fear of losing this attention and appreciation or the need to achieve a lot to keep the attention going on.
They have a tendency to make themselves bigger in order to overcome their fear of being an anxious child. They think that when they will shout and stretch others will start fearing them and do not dare to threaten them. It is the tactic of out-voicing others, adversaries.
Later in life they try to be successful, to reach a high and powerful position. But underneath there is still the frightened child. Typically they seem to take the position of the helper of a successful person. Then they are in the background, out of the spotlight and thus less threatened. At the same time they can borrow from the success. It is like a child helping a parent or adult in order to feel protected and safe. They can even be the ones who do all the work and then their boss gets the glory for it.