Jan Scholten

0.7.1 Series 1. The Hydrogen series

The world seen as one, as a whole.

Being Incarnating.
‘To be or not to be’ in this world. The theme could be described as ‘whether or not to incarnate’ in this world. The fact that this series only has two elements is quite symbolic of its general theme: there are only two possibilities, to be or not to be.

Unity Symbiosis.
They experience and have a great desire for unity. This is expressed in a deep love for every living being on this earth, feeling totally at one with everything. Hydrogen experiences the world as a whole, there is no division between self and other in the same way that a foetus does not feel this division. But later on, this sense of unity is gradually lost and they begin to feel that they are separate from the rest of the world. It is as if their world has collapsed and they have ended up in hell. Their paradise has changed into a world of good and evil, of me and you. They feel as if they cannot bridge this chasm of separation anymore and it makes them feel lost and lonely.

Conception Unborn.
In the development of life this series corresponds with conception and the period of the unborn child.

Reduced plants, regressed, simple.
Lacking many features, roots, stems, flowers.

Be, being, existing; experiencing, pure.
One, unity; symbiosis.
Outside of space and time.
Out of mind; psychosis.
Sense of smell.
Age: foetus, before birth.

Being naked.

Nymphaeales, Acorales, Ceratophyllales, Halogarales.