Jan Scholten

Botany: 5 genera, 25 species; tropical or warm temperate; woody; leaves alternate, toothed margins; inflorescence cymose; bases of the calyx, corolla and stamens are fused in a hypanthium; ovary is unilocular, two ovules per carpel.

Huerteales is a new, small Order in Malvidae in the Apg3 classification. Huerteales was also named Dipentodontales. It consists mostly of formerly difficult to place plants and families. Their true relationships have been found only in the twenty-first century with molecular phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences. Huerteales is closely related to the Malvales and Brassicales Orders.
The morphology, anatomy and secondary chemistry of the whole group are badly in need of detailed investigation. Overall, the flowers of Huerteales seem to be rather similar, although there is variation in androecial position in particular.
Gerrardinaceae and Petenaeaceaeare are associated; Tapisciaceae is associated with Dipentodontaceae.
Thymelaeaceae and Neuradaceae are early diverging lineages of Malvales. Thymelaeaceae have been placed in Myrtales in the past.
In this Plant theory Huerteales in placed in Phase 2. Little is known about these plants. Thymelaeaceae and Neuradaceae are split off from Malvales and included in Huerteales, Phase 2.
The placement in Subphases is difficult as from most families nothing is known in homeopathy, except Thymelaeaceae. From the point of view of the Plant theory it might turn out that a division of Thymelaeaceae into several families and a combination of some smaller families would be better.

1. Gerrardinaceae.
2. Petenaeaceae.
3. Tapisciaceae.
4. Dipentodontaceae.
6. Thymelaeaceae.
7. Neuradaceae.

Dipentodontaceae: Dipentodon, Perrottetia; Dipentodon was formerly placed in Celastraceae, Flacourtiaceae and later in Salicaceae.
Gerrardinaceae: Gerrardina; dd Flacourtiaceae or Salicaceae.
Neuradaceae: Grielum, Neurada, Neuradopsis.
Petenaeaceae: 1 species, Petenaea cordata from Southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize; formerly placed in Elaeocarpaceae and later in Tiliaceae.
Tapisciaceae: Huertea, Tapiscia; Huertea was formerly placed in Staphyleaceae, order Crossosomatales or Sapindales.
Thymelaeaceae: 50 genera; 898 species; including Aquilariaceae.