C.M. Boger


Pale mucous membranes. False erethism or plethora; weak; lies down. Excited, irregular surgings. Wandering orgasms; head, face, chest, etc. Pulsations. Haemorrhages (bright or with small clots); in rapidly growing youths. Relaxed blood-vessels; dilated veins, < during menses, etc. Red faced old men. Exophthalmos. Pressure on chest, stomach, etc. Nightly pains that compel motion of part. Dry; food seems; vagina, etc. Rapid emaciation. Anaemia. Cachexy. Irritable mind and body.

Always in the right; excited by the least opposition. Weeps and laughs immoderately. Sensitive and excitable; < least opposition. Brain-tire. Throbbing, hammering headache, starts in the temples; < cough or stooping; > letting hair down; with vertigo. Pain over left eye. Blind attacks. Puffy eye-lids. Nose-bleed. Face flushes and pales or reddens from the least thing; florid; feels bloated. Erethistic chlorosis. Toothache, > ice water. Stomach won't tolerate any food. Averse to meat. Spits up his food. Nausea at mid-night. Easy vomiting. Diarrhoea; painless lientery; < while eating; nightly gushing; spluttering; alternating with constipation; < if nervous or tired. Chronic nephritis. Enuresis by day only. Emissions; nightly, with backache; after over-exertion. Raw vagina, < coition. Menses pale; intermit. Leucorrhoea; acrid, milky, watery, at puberty. Changeable voice. Dry, tickling cough. Blood-spitting (streaked). Constriction of or flying stitches in chest. Dyspnoea or palpitation, > motion. Sudden cramps or tearing boring in limbs. Cracking joints. Omodynia. Swelled hands and feet. Heels pain, if lies on back. Sleepless. Chill, with red face and thirst. Heat, with distended veins. Sweats, clammy, yellow, cold, acrid or debilitating. Soft pulse.

Region: VASO-MOTORS, CIRCULATION; Blood-vessels; Blood; Spleen; Digestion; Left deltoid.

Worse: NIGHT; Emotions; Violent exertion; Eating; Drinking; Vital losses; Sweats; Quinine; Eggs; Heat and cold; Sudden motions; Raising arms.

Better: Gentle motion; Slight bleeding (Calad; Card-m; Lach;); Leaning head on something.