Jan Scholten

Ferrum metallicum

I will be very brief about Ferrum metallicum, because the remedy is well known. It contains all the basic characteristics of Ferrum.


Ferrum Single

Firm All or nothing
Standing one’s ground Disconnected
Perseverance No integration


One of my patients had a beautiful description of the Ferrum state: she always had the feeling that she had to do everything correctly from the very beginning. She was afraid that other people would be stronger than her, that they would push her aside, that she wouldn’t count. That is why she always wanted to keep an eye on everything, as that way she knew where she was and what she had to do. Her sensitivity to sound was connected to her feeling of having to be alert, having to be ready for action.
This attitude had started in her childhood, when she had to help look after 8 brothers and sisters. Being the eldest child she was a sort of second mother. But it was chaos at home and she found it very difficult to keep everything in order. If she did something wrong she would get a beating, but she never knew when. Sometimes she would get praise and at another time a smack. Hence the feeling ‘I have got to get it right first time, otherwise...’.

A brief picture of Ferrum metallicum

The idea that they have to stand firm for the things they have chosen for themselves.

Firm, brave, persevering.
Irritability < contradiction and opposition.
Angry if other people overstep their boundaries.
Fear of criticism and beatings. Jumpy
Sensitive to sounds.

Location: right sided.
Temperature: cold.
Desire: tomatoes, meat.
Aversion: eggs.
Menses: copious.
Physical: > slow movement.

Anaemia, low and high bloodpressure.
Red cheeks < wine. Vertigo < wine, < getting up.
Pain in shoulders.
DD: Ferrums, Arn, Kali's, Sulph.