Jan Scholten

Names: Fabids.
DD: Carbon series; Silicon series; Iron series.

The Fabidae is a clade in the Apg3 classification containing 8 Orders: Zygophyllales, the COM clade of Celastrales, Oxalidales, Malpighiales and the Nitrogen‑fixing clade of Fabales, Rosales, Fagales and Cucurbitales.
In the Plant theory the Subclass Fabidae has the same Orders. Zygophyllales is fused with Fabales. Fabidae has the emphasis on the Iron series of the first 4 series.

1. Celastrales: they feel that they have to get a place in the system.
2. Oxalidales: they have a place but have to fight for it, or get overwhelmed in it.
3. Malpighiales: they have a place but it is not definite and they get confused which to follow, their own impulse or that of others.
4. Fagales: they feel central in the system, which gives them safety but also responsibility for it.
5. Fabales: they have their place, do a lot but then feel it is too much, that they get used.
6. Rosales: they feel part of the system but think about leaving as it does not give them enough love and respect.
7. Cucurbitales: they feel that they can lose their place in the system, or that it may collapse as a whole.