Jan Scholten

Dysprosium sulphuricum

Attacked in autonomy by their lover
Lonely fighter for love
Defender of freedom and love
Lover is a defender of independence
Defending the autonomy of spouse
Fighting with lover about freedom
Relationship therapist

Attacked in autonomy by their lover
They feel attacked in their autonomy by their lover. Their husband or wife can try to restrict their freedom. But they don’t give in and will fight to keep their freedom. But that brings up the risk of losing their lover. Their fighting quality can lead to loss of love and popularity.

Their lover is attacked in his freedom
It can also be that their husband or wife is attacked in their autonomy. Their lover has to fight to keep his freedom. But he will do so as a lonely fighter. They can try to help their lover in the fight for freedom. But often their lover will fight on their own, as they see it as their own fight and they have to go through by themselves.

Defender of freedom and love
They can become a defender of freedom and love. They are idealistic and perceive all kinds of threats to independence. They see freedom and love as a unit. Love can only be real and genuine when it’s freely given. Love is the only thing that can give real freedom. They see both as under attack in this society and so they have to fight for the protection of autonomy and love.