Jan Scholten

Dierama latifolium
Meditation proving, C200

Dierama is a genus in the Iridaceae. Its common names are not stably established, but various species are loosely known by names such as Fairy's Fishing Rods, Fairy's Wands, Fairy Bells, Wedding Bells, Hairbells, Harebells (Wikipedia).
Dierama latifolium is a delightful perennial bulb from South Africa, this is one of the tallest Dieramas, with wire thin flower stems reaching as high as 2m (6ft) or more. The delicate pale pink pendent bells, produced in midsummer, move in the slightest breeze.(Remedia)

Flower head down, not everyone realizes my beauty.
You have to look closely, not to be blinded.
Outer beauty, but not flashy or intrusive.
Eye candy, fine, natural pride, bright.
On the one hand - on the other hand.
On one side privately and secretly, and on the other hand public and transparent.
Not in the middle, moving back and forth, tends to extreme.
Moving back and forth.
Positive: moving, flexible.
Negative: flighty.
Zodiac twins.
Happy, exhilarated, psyched, stimulates.
Sudden start, fanfare.
Sorrow versus elation, back and forth.
Like a waltz, sometimes here and sometimes there, but here it is also nice ... look here and there.

Hot flashes.

Red face, heat in the face.
Painful oral mucosa.
Neck pain.

A young man alone in a foreign country is generously and enthusiastic helped, to gain a foothold here.

Picture in Meditation:
A young woman with a pink dress comes alone in the small town. Mincing and prancing, giggling and turning from the cafe in the boutique in the pastry ....clean, pure innocent, like a butterfly from flower to flower in high spirits.
Then changes the feeling, that she is alone, despite the elation of fun and joy, the sorrow is deep down, to be alone. The behavior of the young woman in the pink dress is the search, the alternation, (Hair Bell) in the outside, for a really deep relationship.
A really deep relationship is only found in oneself, in one`s own inner space, depth, self, love. With this connection, one also has a deep connection to one another, without fear of losing one`s freedom or without getting the feeling of getting restricted, or limited.

Stage: 5