Jan Scholten


Only Cistus canadensis is known a bit in homeopathy.
They have a strong quality of refinement and culture but that is often not recognised by parents and family. They will often feel limited in an old fashioned and narrow minded culture and religion. They want to break away but that can easily give rise to conflicts. They want to develop some art or science, discover the world.
On the other hand they can become easily attached to a new mind-set, a new way of thinking that can also become also too strict and limiting. Limiting in the first instance for themselves but later also imprinted on to others. The consequence is that they want to break out of relationships, too tight family bonds. But that leaves them alone and isolated, which they do not like.

Loyal, desire to belong to a group; deny parts of themselves to belong to the group.
Aversion: anger, quarrels, conflicts, disharmony.
Ailments from showing emotions, anger, convictions, feelings.
Airy, untidy, transitory; ungrounded.
Sensitive, to noise.
Mirth, cheerful, excitement, affectionate.
Reserved, hold in their anger.
Theme: cotton; slime.
Split between love and sex.
Suppressing their anger, aggression, sexuality.
Desire to be loved, appreciated.
Desire: harmony, art, knowledge, culture, music.
Fear: separation.
Delusion: separated from the world; being alone; being watched.
Delusion: split, confusion of identity.
Dreams: murder; death; accident; death of a friend.

Weather: intense cold.
Sweat: profuse, < night.
Desire: sweet, juicy, fresh; tobacco; chocolate.
Aversion: cheese.
Food: > eating.