Jan Scholten

622.20.00 Chloranthales
Botany: 4 genera; 70 species; woody, trees with prop roots; Southeast Asia, Pacific, Madagascar, Central & South America, West Indies; aromatic; leaves opposite, evergreen, distinctive serrate margins, interpetiolar stipules; flowers inconspicuous; petals 0; fruit is drupe-like, consisting of one carpel.
DD: Phase 1; Hydrogen series, Carbon series.

This order consists of 1 family, 4 genera. They are considered as one early-diverging lineages in the Angiospermae, the flowering plants. In Stebbins classification Chloranthaceae was placed in Laurales. In the Apg3 classification it is placed after the Magnoliidae with dubious relationship[s to Monocotyledons, Austrobaileyales or Magnoliidae.
In the Plant theory it is placed in Phase 2 of the Magnoliidae. No remedies are known in homeopathy.

Chloranthaceae: Ascarina, Chloranthus, Hedyosmum, Sarcandra.