Jan Scholten

Catharanthus roseus

The communication is disturbed. Boys and girls are trying to attract each other by giggling and teasing. In the end they come not further, they stay in the superficial contact. They are too shy to go further and make themselves small. But that is also felt as unjust so they get irritated and become rude, forcing themselves to take their space.
The contact can get stuck in a fight who is more than the other, who has to give in and be the minor, who is the one to blame. It can lead to a victim situation and guilt feelings. There are controversies about responsibilities, insults and rudeness.
The contact between husband and wife can be disturbed, as if the communication is on different levels, with different means. It is like being lost in translation. In the end they cannot ask each other anymore.

Desire to make contact with everyone in the world, to create a world where everyone is aware of their own autonomy and take responsibility fro their own life.
Delusion: being blamed, insulted, treated rudely.
Feeling unequal.
Sad, < being apart, lost contact.
Divide and conquer.
Dream: girl pick the flower out of the hands of a boy and run away giggling.

General: cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer; diabetes, haemorrhages; infections.
Nervous: encephalopathy, ascending paralysis, spinal nerve demyelination, intractable pain, peripheral neuropathy.
Heart: pain; hypertension.
Abdomen: constipation.
Female: dysmenorrhoea.
Skin: hair loss, alopecia.

Scholten J. Nosy Be provings. Utrecht. 2014.