Jan Scholten

Carapichea ipecacuanha, Ipecacuanha

They come from a wealthy family, or have a great career as an artist or scientist and no-one can understand or appreciate it. They feel let down, pushed out of their position. They feel that their career is coming to an end but it is unjustified. They feel they have such great qualities but the others cannot see it in their ignorance, the stupid guys.

Ambitious, business is important, it must proceed fast.
Hobbies: study, reading, art, music, movies, poetry, magic, clothes.
Jealousy, envy; others shall not value or appreciate anything.
Desires many things, not knowing what, throwing away the things given; hard to please.
Irritable, impatient; haughty, contemptuous, abusive.
Anger, cries, screams, shrieks, howls, irritable <<< slightest contempt, < anger, serene afterwards.
Reserved displeasure.
Indifference to pleasure and joy.
Gestures, covers the mouth with hands; children put fingers/fists in their mouth.
Delusion: insulted, tormented, laughed at, criticised.
Haughty, elite.
Aversion, desire or disgust of sex.
Fixed ideas, classifies everything, orderly.
Fear: contamination.
Dreams: examinations, sport, matches, bed, falling out of bed from horse.
Dreams: prison, narrow streets.
Dreams: anxious, frightful, terror; unremembered; vivid.
Colour preference: 3B.

Type: blond, fat children and adults, feeble.
Weather: oversensitive to heat and cold, < cold air; cold, chilly, < cold drinks, < taking cold, < fear.
Desire: delicacies, sweets, cold drinks, nice foods, spicy, pepper; opium, morphine; little thirst; bananas; broth; cheese; strong cheese; fats and rich food; fats, rich food and salt.
Aversion: all food; smell of food; fruit, milk; vegetables, cheese; eggs.
Aversion fruit; milk; vegetables; cheese; eggs.
Food: < eating fast, too much; < indigestible food, < improper diet; < smell of food; fried food; < raisins, cakes, pancake, pastry, fat, butter, lemon peel, berries, sweets, candy, sour fruit, unripe fruit, salads, pork, veal, fats, sour beer, cold drinks, ice cream, pork, buckwheat, tobacco, coffee.
Sleep: eyes half open; sleepy, < vomiting; indisposed to rise.
Physical: < lying.

General: haemorrhages bright-red, profuse, heavy; active or passive; uterine, clotted.
Nervous: apoplexy, aphasia; faint, collapse, < summer, < hot room, < haemorrhages.
Fever: intermittent, cases, < quinine; malaria.
Head: headache, migraine, extends to teeth root of tongue, = vomiting; bones crushed bruised.
Eyes: inflamed, red; pain through eyeballs; profuse lachrymation; cornea dim; tired from near vision; vision constantly changing; accommodation spasm, irritable weakness of the ciliary muscle; blue rings around eyes; periodical orbital neuralgia, with lachrymation, photophobia, smarting eyelids.
Face: blue, < cough; pale; twitching.
Nose: coryza, obstruction, < warm, moist weather; nosebleed, bleed, < cough; sneezing continued.
Mouth, moist; much saliva; tongue clean; gums purple, pain < vexation, inflammation; teeth pain, right; left, < vexation, wisdom teeth, extending to temples.
Throat: larynx hoarse, < coryza; complete aphonia; choking < fish bone.
Lungs: cough dry, spasmodic, constricted, asthmatic, wheezing, incessant, violent, rattling, suffocative, < every breath; whooping cough; croup; expectoration difficult, full of phlegm, bubbling rales; dyspnoea; asthma, > vomiting; yearly attacks of difficult shortness of breathing, spastic; bleeding, < slightest exertion, hemoptysis; constriction, chest; bronchitis, recurrent; pneumonia.
Stomach: dyspepsia, intermittent; nausea constant, < looking on moving objects, < straining stool; vomiting copious, food, bile, blood, white, glairy mucus, < stooping, < tobacco, < pregnancy; relaxed, as if hanging down; hiccough; empty, weak feeling, faintness, goneness, hungry, > eating.
Abdomen: cutting, clutching, griping, squeezing, colic, flatulent, as from a hand, finger sharply pressing, intestines, around navel, to uterus, < from motion.
Rectum: amebic dysentery, < autumn, + ineffectual straining, < cold nights after hot days; stools slimy, itch-like, green as grass, white mucus, bloody; fermented, foamy, slimy, frothy molasses; asiatic cholera; haemorrhoids, bleeding.
Urinary: involuntary urination, < night.
Female: menses too early, too profuse, bright, gushing; uterine haemorrhage, + nausea.
Limbs: stretched out, rigid, stiff, < cough; spasmodic jerking of arms towards each other; shocks, < going to sleep; pains as if bones, torn to pieces, broken.
Skin: pale, lax; miliary rash; eczema, hollow of knee and elbow.