Jan Scholten

Calcium silicatum


Calcium Silicatum

Uncertain Image
Observed Relations Family
Sensitive to criticism Family image
What do others think Father
Protecting Home At home
Withdrawing Timid Fragile
Family minded

Unsure about his image.
Unsure about the family image.
Adapting his work for the sake of his family.
Working for his home.
Using the family for protecting.
Withdrawing to his home.
Passive and obstinate.

Essence: unsure about his image.

Unsure about his image
They are very unsure about their image, afraid of appearing too weak. They feel vulnerable and are afraid that the people in the village will harm them with their criticism. They tend to adapt their behaviour to that of the current values. They are afraid that people will think that they can’t handle their own business, that they are not in control or that they do things that are considered improper.

Unsure about the family image
They are equally unsure about the family image. They like to think that their family is well respected because it gives them a feeling of safety and support. They don’t like it when their family gets criticised, but rather than try and contradict it they will try and avoid it in the first place. So they will make sure that nobody in the family does anything that can be taken against them.
Adapting his work for the sake of his family
They work very hard for their families, trying to provide a sense of security and a strong financial base. If they can buy a nice house they can be sure that the community will respect them. The type of work they choose is usually nothing out of the ordinary, they don’t like to attract attention with something unusual. If you work hard you not only provide your family with a secure income, you also make sure that people will not question your capabilities.

Using the family for protection
They are inclined to keep themselves well away from the public gaze, safe within the family, supported by parents, grandparents and other wise people. They don’t want to be seen and talked about.
They are also anxious about losing the safety of their family and their home. If a family member dies they will dream about them, as if they were still there. They may even talk to them when they are awake, as it gives them comfort to believe they can still discuss the daily business with them. They particularly need this sort of support from their dead father.

Sensitive to criticism from the family
They are particularly sensitive to criticism from their own family. Even harmless teasing they find difficult to take. It makes them feel that they might not belong anymore, that their safe haven might be lost. They may also have a fear of being shunned by the rest of their family, perhaps because they have a difficult child or they have done something that is a bit out of the ordinary.

Passive and stubborn
One the one hand they are very passive, doing only what is generally accepted and approved, afraid of being the odd one out. On the other hand they can be extremely stubborn. And although they may appear to be easy going and adaptive, once they have something in their head you can’t make them change their mind, particularly when it has something to do with the family.

Fears: being abnormal, family, loss, disease, needles, injections, poverty !!, future, new and unknown things, anticipation, heights, mistakes, failure, criticism, exams, opposition, observed, being watched by the village, being judged on their values, trifles, narrow spaces, not waking from sleep.
Dreams: deceased relatives !!, futile efforts, paralysis, disease, crystal, ice, mirrors, clairvoyant, cobwebs, needles, friends, family, fire, murder, insult.
Delusions: dead relatives, disease, old, wrinkled women.
Mental: precise, punctual, mathematical, forgetful of what they have just read or said, absorbed, clairvoyant, lack of concentration, mistakes in spelling and talking.
Type: refined, delicate, aristocratic.
Irritability: < consolation, < exertion, < coition.
Contacts: sympathetic, adaptive, shy, <- talking.
Causes: loss of parents, family, friends, criticism.

Build: thin, fragile, weak, looking old.
Weather: cold !!, blue with cold, blue/purple nails << cold, cold water, cold wind, < undressing, > heat, < draught!!, < outside.
Perspiration: profuse, stinking foot sweat !!, night sweat, on back of head and neck, palms of hands.
Time: < 11 am and 3 pm; < full moon; < winter, December.
Desires: egg !!, salt, warm food, fresh, vegetables, fruit, milk, lasagna, pizza, sweet !!, buttermilk.
Aversion: milk !!, cheese, mothers milk !!, salt, meat, broccoli, cauliflower.
Food: < fat, milk !!, broccoli, alcohol, fasting.
Menses: profuse.
Sleep: light, much tossing, on abdomen.
Physical: <<< vaccinations, radiation; > massage, magnetising; < coition; < soap; > lying on abdomen.

Pains: stitching as of needles or splinters. Hair sensations.
Discharges: thick, yellow, hard, stinking of old cheese, difficult to dislodge.
Inflammations: chronic, stubborn, hard; abscesses.
Epilepsy < exciting things and emotions, petit mal. Paralysis.
Vertigo, unsteady walk.
Headache from occiput to forehead.
Ear infections < swimming, > rubbing, > boring finger in ear.
Swollen glands, thyroid. Hypothyroidism.
Colds, sinusitis.
Teeth: caries, crooked, large incisors; < dentition.
Vascular diseases. Anaemia !!.
Stomach complaints. Diabetes.
Constipation with hard stools that slip back.
Stomach pains < fasting; diarrhoea < fat.
Arthritis, joints of fingers. Back pains, scoliosis. Bones brittle, no elasticity; rickets; exostoses.
Skin thin, delicate, sensitive, cracks, fingertips. Inflammation of rims; spots, boils, acne, eczema, itching, scaling, red, dry; on occiput, face; wounds heal slowly, leaving scars. Keloids.
Hair thin and brittle, grey.
Nails brittle, breaking, fungus, yellow, brown, black, ingrowing, white spots.
DD Silicon series, Iron series, Stage 2 and 10.