Jan Scholten

Caesalpinia bonduc

Condemned because he is split up.
Mental depression; lack of enthusiasm.
Aversion to having any conversation, doing any work.

Sweat: face, chest, neck, shoulder.
Desire: boiled rice, hard substance, meat; thirst for cold water, < fever.
Aversion: liquid food.
Sleep: sleepy, < after; desire to stay in bed, eyes closed.

Energy: weakness, after fever.
Fever: irregular, changeable, any time, first heat, chilly, shivering, at last sweat.
Nervous: convulsions, palsy.
Head: terrible pains, temples, < fever, > wrapping them, > pressure.
Eyes: sunken and bloodless; terrible pains, burnt, > application of cold water.
Nose: hot breath; during fever frequent and hurried respiration takes place.
Mouth: tongue white coating, bloodless, white, moist.
Face: flushed << fever.
Stomach: dyspepsia.
Abdomen: gurgling; liver uneasy, pain, enlarged, lower lobe; spleen enlarged, hard, pain, < touch.
Rectum: diarrhoea; dysentery; stool liquid, slimy, hard, saffron coloured, yellow coloured; worms.
Male: hydrocele.
Female: amenorrhoea; dysmenorrhoea.
Back: drawing pains, < cold bath.
Limbs: pain joints; elephantiasis.
Skin: dry, dirty, blackish; eruptions like mosquito bite; leprosy.