Jan Scholten

Argemone pleiacantha

Pride, self-sufficiency, a survivor, a hard, enthusiastic survivor of even the harshest of desert conditions.
Blissful, euphoria.
Confusion, concentration, difficult.
Delusion: outside his body, mind separated from body.
Detached, dreamy, absorbed, indolence, tranquility, quiet.
Fear: alone, dying, accident.
Forsaken feeling, <- company.
Postponing, everything to the next day.
Dreams: unremembered; connected; disturbing; adventurous; nightmares; anxious, apprehension; sudden panic; danger; frightening; paranoid.
Dream: drugs, injection needles; animals; circles; dead children, girl, man, son, unknown people; disasters; plants; pursued; society and community; sudden panic; urine; water, drowning of their son; worms; abandoned by others; accidents car; airplanes; alien; amorous; birds nest; black clouds, man, water; bones, skeletal; books; climbing a hill; disease, infection; noting growing in the garden; growing beard; helicopters; house, unlivable; hypodermic needles; desolate island; joyous; being king; knee injuries; making lists; maggots, white; musicians; parties; plants; power pole; pregnant; pursued by strangers; recalling things long forgotten; religious, church spires, monastery, monks; robbers; having self confidence; out in space, spaceship; spinal column, tail growing out of it; strangers about; schizophrenic, young girl; trails; train; tree; unhappy; violence; visionary; vitamins; wedding; worm, yellow; wood stove, old.

Weather: flushes of heat.
Sweat: < night.
Desire: sweets, chocolate.
Food: > chocolate.
Sleep: difficult, deep, undisturbed, restful, waking difficult.

Vertigo: < 3 pm, falling, forward, > sitting, + euphoria.
Head: tingling, > rubbing.
Eyes: vision weak.
Ears: hearing diminished.
Mouth: burning lips, hair sensation.
Lungs: respiration difficult, < lying down on stomach, > sitting.
Stomach: apprehension, < waking; nausea.
Rectum: itching.
Female: < menopause.
Back: cervical pain, tearing, extending to head, < turning head to left.
Limbs: lower legs, heavy; weak, > movement; numb, shoulders, upper limbs, wrists, > movement, lower limbs, foot top, right, alternates to left foot; stiffness, lower limbs, ankle left, upper limbs, hand right, middle finger right; feet itching, tingling, prickling asleep; oedema < shoes.