Jan Scholten

Name: Animalae.

They have a strong quality of hierarchy. It is about who is the best and takes the highest position. This leads to the theme of competition. Competition is present also in the other kingdoms but it is more extreme in the animal kingdom. Attached to it is the theme of alliances, alliances bring more power. Alliance themes can also be found in the Plant kingdom to a lesser degree but are absent in the Mineral kingdom. Killing is a strong aspect of the Animal kingdom which is absent in other kingdoms. Plants can take away space to survive from others, which can lead to death but it is not direct killing. Animals have the direct killing quality.
Themes: competition; fight; domination.
Theme: attack, defence; victim, aggressor; killing, murder.
Theme: survival, food, territory, habitat.
Theme: sexuality; attractive; attention; lively, vivacious, animated.

Cold blooded animals
Insects, fishes, amphibians, reptiles.
They have more hardness, having a stronger theme of life and death, killing. They are not so caring for their children, often leaving them alone after procreation. They can easily eat their own and others’ offspring.
They can be poisonous.

Warm blooded animals
Birds and mammals.
They are warmer, which expresses itself as a care of their children, their offspring. They are not poisonous.

Desire dancing, singing.
Talking about emotions, fights.
Clothes with animal forms.
Dreams: many, vivacious.
Likes animals very much.
Not so connected to plants and flowers.