Jan Scholten

Ammonium bromatum


Ammonium Bromatum

Idealising Terminating work
Resentment Redundancy Pension
Closed Forced labour
Angry Guilt Fault
Passion Aggression

Idealising pensionable age
Idealising fleeing.
Resentment about redundancy.
Resentment about debtors.
Resentment about their mistakes.
Resentful and passionate.

Essence: Resentment about debtors.

Resentment about debtors
They resent the fact that other people are the reason that they are out of work. When they are made redundant they are terribly upset and disappointed. They believed in an ideal world and they are most disappointed when other people don’t live up to their promises. They had expected to be able to reap the rewards of their labours and now someone else isn’t paying up. Now they become cynical and withdraw into a world of silence and sullenness.

Resentment about their mistakes
If they have made a mistake themselves they can become equally cynical about their own achievements. They are very meticulous and precise in their work, as well as being very idealistic. So they don’t expect things to go wrong. When it does they tend to give up and become cynical about their own capabilities. They feel like going away somewhere where nobody knows them.

Fears: failure, criticism, contradiction, being looked at, anticipation, alone, apoplexy, dark, ghosts, water.
Dreams: futile efforts, paralysis, anger, death, heights, fights, dead people, funerals, travelling, large buildings where they get lost and can’t find the way out.
Delusions: someone looking over their shoulder, being pursued, fasting, going mad, travelling, ghosts, things jumping up and down on the ground in front of them.
Irritability: quarrelsome, angry, cynical, sarcastic.
Mood: deja-vu, confused, forgetful, imbecile.
Contacts: reserved, closed, talk little and think long beforehand.
Habits: biting nails, biting fingers.
Work: -><-.

Build: thin, blond and blue eyed; pale.
Locality: left.
Weather: warm, > fresh air, > sea !!, < draught.
Time: < 3 am; < summer.
Desires: coffee!!, chocolate !!, sweet, sour, tobacco.
Aversion: milk, onion, meat.
Food: > eating, cold; < potatoes, alcohol, chocolate !!, tobacco.
Menses: pain before.
Sleep: sleeplessness, somnambulism.
Physical: < bathing; > lying down, < stretching; < touch, lying on left side, dust; > violent motion.

Pains are biting and burning.
Discharges acrid and watery.
Chorea; epilepsy beginning with fainting and oppressed feeling in stomach.
Cancer. Glands swollen, painful or painless.
Fever without perspiration.
Inflammations of the eyes, redness, painful, mucus in canthi.
Colds with acrid discharge and hoarseness. Air feels cold. Mumps. Sinusitis.
Enlarged thyroid. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
Allergic asthma with flapping of alae nasi, constriction in throat pit. Cough, sudden, suffocating; whooping cough. Lung complaints, emphysema.
Palpitations. Anaemia !!.
Stomach complaints !!. Diabetes.
Swelling, inflammation or cancer of testes and ovaries.
Sciatica. Joint problems with contraction.
Skin: acne, feeling of cobweb on face, bright red, swollen and burning. Foul wounds with stinking green discharge.
DD: Carbon series, Iron series, Stages 1, 11, 15, 17, Badiaga, Chocolate, Hepar sulphuricum, Hydrogen, Lyssin, Medorrhinum, Spongia, Stramonium, Tuberculinum.