Jan Scholten

Ageratina aromatica, Eupatorium aromaticum

Need for integrity, integrating all aspects of themselves.
Ailments from physical intrusions, wounds, injuries, beatings, operations, vaccinations, drugs.
Ailments from mental intrusions, domination, humiliation, rape, incest.
Father is important, the good father; lacking, death.
Nervous irritability, erethism; extreme restlessness; hysteria.
Morbid watchfulness; worrying and fretting, especially in the morning and evening; sensitive to impressions.
Delusion: lack of resistance, they need more resistance.
Colour preference: white.

Sensation: bruised, beaten; griping, sore.
Weather: chilly; shivering from cold alternating heat; > mountain, < change from warm to cold.
Time: < 10 am.
Sweat: profuse.
Desire: drinks.
Physical: < motion, < least motion.

General: milk sickness, tremetol poisoning: trembling, violent vomiting, prostration, weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, constipation, severe thirst, tremors, acetone breath, delirium, coma, death, << dairy products, << meat from a cow fed on white snakeroot; haemorrhages, ecchymosis.
Energy: ill, dull.
Fever: influenza, < marsh; low fevers, with extreme restlessness.
Nervous: chorea.
Face: eruption cheeks, like prickly heat, papillary.
Nose: hayfever; rhinitis; sinusitis, frontal.
Mouth: sore mouth; stomatitis, in women and children; aphthae, white spots, roof, tongue, inner cheek; white, firm, thick coating; sore; inflamed, sore; tongue red, papillae swollen, ulcer-like spots; in infants and mothers; odour of breath and body peculiarly strong; thrush.
Lungs: bronchitis; nervous cough; tight in left bronchia.
Chest: sore, bruised nipples; breasts, mastitis, inflammation, ulcers; oppressed.
Heart: pulse fast; unnatural.
Stomach: burning; nausea; vomiting, bile; hiccough; pain, burning, < pregnancy.
Abdomen: pain, cramping, griping, < morning, > stool, before; flatulence; liver sore; jaundice; spleen problems.
Rectum: constipation; dysentery.
Urinary: cystitis; urine sand, gravel, small stones.
Female: menses copious; miscarriage.
Limbs: jerking, trembling, twitching; pains bones bruised < lying on it; arthritis; gout; sciatica; pain in left shoulder, posterior scapular region; oedema.
Skin: wounds; injuries; eczema.