Angiospermae and Lanthanide quality

Laurocerasus (Angiospermae / Rosaceae 644.61.17

The explanation about Angiospermae and their relationship with the Gold Series / Lanthanides is so short, in Angiospermae page (600.00), that seems to me quite cryptic, difficult to catch, and to understand.

In order to help the students or new arrived to the Plant System, to understand the true meaning of Angiospermae, I propose that in this page / intro to this big group, it will be good, to broadening the concept about their meaning, considering widely the Lanthanide aspect. It seems that plant-lanthanides characteristic will be only on the groups 660.00 or 666.00. / In my practice, clinical cases of the group 644, for example, has a strong lanthanide characteristic, that when the group or family is described, it doesn't appear, or is more secondary.

My proposal is to strength the explanation and the presence of the first "6" on Angiospermae. That could help to assure the good "number" diagnosis, and place the right aspects of the patient on the right family. If not, when the patient shows, says or displays a strong lanthanide characteristic, the prescriber will go straight forward to the 660 or the 666 groups.



In my opinion the main Lanthanide theme is "ruling one's own life". Angiospermae differ from all other plants by their desire to manage their problems. They have the feeling that they must control their life, because they are stronger and more complex than the other plants. They are more sofisticated and that is why - more responsible for their own life.

All other plants just live, not trying to change themselves in order to solve thier problems. They often are not aware of their problems and cannot determine which areas of life are most important for them.